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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Famous Street Art "Canvas" Has Last Hurrah
The New York Times reports, "Depending on your point of view, the hulking 19th-century brick building at 11 Spring Street in NoLIta [New York City], a former stable and carriage house, was either a stunning eyesore or one of the most famous canvases and lodestars in the world for urban artists. When those of the latter view heard recently that the building had been sold and would soon be gutted and converted into condominiums, they considered it the end of an era.

11 Spring Street is featured extensively in our film TO BE SEEN, which examines the roll street art plays in urban culture, commercial culture, and the art world. Additionally, THE CASE OF THE GRINNING CAT, a new Chris Marker film that looks at a street art phenomenon in Paris, opens theatrically on December 20.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Lebanese Singer Brightens a Dark Time in Beirut
As reported in the New York Times, the legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz was performing in Beirut again at last. As she stepped onto the stage, some in the audience cried and others cheered. In recent days fears that civil war might return have swirled. All the while, Beirutis of every sectarian stripe seemed to agree on this: Fairuz must sing as planned.

In the Arab world, the emotional resonance this diva commands is difficult to overstate. From Damascus to Ramalla to Amman, Fairuz’ unmistakable deep, quavering tones echo remind people of the long-lost rhythms of village life and the longer-lost, golden years of peace.

Our intimate film WE LOVED EACH OTHER SO MUCH portrays the love Beirut inhabitants have for this diva. Their reminiscences, combined with Fairuz' songs and her story, provide a moving commentary on Lebanon's tumultuous history.

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