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Saturday, July 13, 2002

NEW Films & Videos on the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
To learn more about the history and forces behind the current phase of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, here are a few of our recommendations:


For those unsatisfied with sensational television coverage featuring "terrorism experts," HUMAN WEAPON provides the first in-depth, sober examination of the complexity of the suicide bombing phenomenon. The film is not primarily concerned with suicide bombing as a local phenomenon in a particular conflict. Rather, it strives to understand the recent history, and how the introduction of this new weapon has unleashed a different kind of warfare, whose impact we are yet to grasp.


This is a film on the daily lives of the Orthodox women of Tel Rumeida, a Jewish settlement of seven families and forty-three children in Hebron, the West Bank. Possessing a fervent belief that they belong in the midst of the Palestinian territories, the women refuse to acknowledge their Arab neighbors and only religious celebrations, and excitement when the Israeli government grants them permission to build permanent housing, punctuate their routine.


A prison with one million inmates. That's how the people of the Gaza Strip regard their land. CLOSE, CLOSED, CLOSURE shows the nerve-racking process of getting people in and out of the Gaza Strip, and the growing frustration and deprivation of the local population, amongst the reasons for the second Intifada and the present-day blood bath.

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